At a.p.e.r.k.y we design and create a wide range of products from earrings to necklaces. 

While each and every one of our uniquely handcrafted pieces are designed to have you feeling your best, they have different characteristics and traits that many people don’t know of. When people see a ‘gold’ jewel, they associate all gold jewels as the same, when in reality, each has its own unique aspects to it.

For our women’s fashion jewelleries, we make use of 14k gold filled and gold plated to create a wide range of products, each specially tailored to your precise needs. Here are the differences between the two.

14k Gold filled Fashion Jewelleries

What is 14k gold-filled? 

All of our 14k gold-filled material are specially made in the US, using expert craftsmanship to produce only the highest quality jewellery. It is also known as “rolled gold” or “rolled gold plate” jewellery, depending on what shop you are at. Although the name would suggest so, gold filled jewellery items are not actually filled with gold itself. The core metal of the items is built using high quality brass and copper as a base, which is then covered in various sheets of gold in a specialised bonding process. This helps to produce a thick, high-quality coat of gold around the jewel, providing the jewel with a beautiful gold colour. In general, the gold content of the item will be around 1/20th of its total weight, which accounts for around 5% of the jewel itself.

Why should I buy gold-filled jewelleries? 

We understand that everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to choosing gold jewel’s. As a result, our gold-filled items can be specially tailored and altered to meet your preferences, ensuring that you are overjoyed with every 14k gold-filled item that you buy from us. Our high-quality material ensures that your 14k gold-filled item will not peel or flake, making them durable so that they look amazing no matter when you choose to wear them.

Gold-filled jewelleries are always an affordable alternative to solid gold jewelleries. They are a perfect look that match a range of outfits for various occasions, making them not only beautiful in their unique design, but also flexible for the outfits that you wish to wear. 

Gold plated Fashion Jewelleries

What is gold-plated? 

We create a wide range of gold-plated fashion jewelleries for all of our customers, from earrings and necklaces to personalised bracelets. We supply all of our gold-plated findings of a specialised supplier deep in the heart of Japan. Here, they use precision craftsmanship, alongside decades of experience passed from one generation to another, in order to produce the best gold-plated items that can be found on the market.

In order to create gold-plated items, an alloy metal base is dipped into a smooth bath of electroplating solution, alongside a solid lump of gold. Over time, the electric current passed through deposits a thin layer of gold onto the metal. This coating allows for a beautiful jewel, finely coated with high quality gold.

In contrast to gold-filled items which contain at least 5% of gold, the content of gold on gold plated items is less than 0.05%. Thus, the pricing difference of gold filled item and gold plated item. 

In general, gold plated items can deteriorate over time, with the gold plates flaking off over time. while this takes longer periods of time, it can happen due to a hard knock or bump on the item itself, which will expose the metal base inside. 

The tone of these items in general, tend to be darker than traditional gold filled items, which can help to compliment particular outfits and designs. Such jewels are fantastic to wear at events and parties, as they create a vibrant, trendy look, whilst not providing a look that is too fancy for the occasion.

Jewellery Care

No matter what type of jewelleries you prefer to wear, it is important that you take the utmost care of them. Your jewelleries are specially designed to look amazing and as a result it is important to treat them with delicacy. By looking after your jewels, you are able to help them last longer periods of time.

By cleaning each of them after wearing, you help to maintain their quality, ensuring that your jewelleries continue to look fabulous no matter what you wear and as a result you feel amazing while wearing them. If you don’t look after your jewelleries, it will deteriorate over time. In fact, this applies to every piece of jewellery that you own.

Whether you own a pearl necklaces or gold filled/gold plated labradorite bracelets, if they are not cared for, they will become damaged and lose their lustre over time.

Remember, even diamond, the hardest stone known to man will break if it is not taken care of. 

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels