Throughout our history, crystals and gems have created an abundance of interests from people all around the world. From ancient Roman civilisations, to the Mayan’s, gems have brought about stories about the mystical energies that they produce, as well as the impact they can have on others. While they are now sold around the world, these stones have been mined for millions of years with different groups of people having their own unique stones within the areas that they minded. 

Today, these crystals and gems can be used as a reminder of one’s personal goals and objectives, as well as remind the person of the hidden powers that they have within themselves. Here are some of the stones found around the world, most of which can be found in many modern jewellery pieces. 

 Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has a long history with people. Its history is believed to go further back than 6,500 tears ago, in which it was used by the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. It was valued due to its exquisite blue colour and as considered as valuable as sapphires. It is found within the province of Badakhshan, in Afghanistan. People travel high up in 17,000-foot mountains, filled with treacherous drops and ravines just to find the bespoke treasure of Lapis Lazuli. Today, it is known as the success stone. It draws people to it through a mystical energy, aiding them in their journey for success in their lives. The gem itself is a rich, deep dark blue and is used in a range of different jewelleries.  It is a constant reminder to the person who wears it to pursue their dream for success. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz much like Lapis, has a long history with the human race and throughout this long history, it is believed to have produced a range of different energies among civilizations. Rose quartz dates back even further than Lapis, with beads being discovered as far back as 7000BC, found in the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. It was first believed to be used by the Ancient Romans, who used the gems as a sign of ownership. It was used among the wealthy Romans, to signify all of the property and wealth that they owned throughout their many estates. It was also used by the Egyptians, who believed that rose quartz has the mystical energy to prevent aging, a power that was highly prized and considered only worthy to be worn by royalty. Over time, rose quartz changed in its use and was eventually used by medical practitioners for the creation of ‘healing potions’ believed to cure people of disease and famine. Today, rose quartz is known as the love stone. The mystical energy produced by these stones is believed to attract a lover, as well as balance anger within the person who wears it. Many people wear these gems on necklaces, with a belief that one day, it will attract the right lover into their life.


The history of the amethyst dates back to the ancient Greeks, who associated the amethyst with Bacchus, the god of wine and abundance. It’s wine like colour has fascinated cultures all around the world, with its mystical energies believed to be different upon different nations. In the times of the Greeks, it was believed that those who wore the amethyst were immune to becoming drunk, however in many circumstances, this was proven to be wrong. Centuries later amethysts were often used for royal crowns as well as religious jewellery, as they were believed to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick witted in business and political affairs. Today, the amethyst is a sign of wisdom and intelligence. Its mystical energies are believed to provide wise choices and decisions to those who were them. They are a constant reminder to the wearer to remain wise throughout their lives, resisting haste decisions and a reminder to think think clearly before any decision is ever made.

Do crystals really have mystical power? 

While there are many stones around the world, it is believed by many that it is not within your control to pick a stone. Instead, many people believe that each stone picks the one who wears them, providing them with their unique and mystical presence while they do so.

The healing properties of each stone has been changing over time. No matter where you come from in the world, your stone can still be a constant reminder that you have the power and will to bring yourself anything you want.

Success and true love do not fall out of the sky to your lap Your beautiful stone can remind you to continue, and to never give up as you pursue what you are looking for. It will be a mindful reminder to you to take action when you feel like you can’t anymore and just want to give up. Owning the biggest lapis lazuli won’t bring success to you if you won’t make any effort to take action to realize your dream. 

By remembering to take action every day, you will soon be taking your steps to success or true love.

At a.p.e.r.k.y we create our jewelleries using variety of natural crystals and gemstones. We are inspired by the rich colours, cutting and shapes of each stone.